Nicole Oditt, Certified Stager and Designer

Nicole Oditt, Certified Stager and Designer

I am a certified professional home staging and interior redesign organization serving The Woodlands, Houston, Galveston and surrounding area.  I have completed the most comprehensive and intensive home staging and redesign certification courses in North America.

I can relate to the anxiety, stress and excitement that comes with readying your home for listing, allowing people to walk through your personal space and then praying for asking price. I’ve been there…. several times. I am a military spouse and former art educator. This is an extraordinary combination when it comes to home staging. My background as an art educator with years of design and color experience will be key to creating a warm, livable space that you love and that simultaneously attracts the right buyer for your house. My experience moving my family across the country and back several times gives me the compassion needed to help you during this time of transition. Selling your home is a huge undertaking, I can make the process less stressful and more profitable.

Just move in or ready to renovate? I will help ups create an environment that reflects your style, needs and comfort from Zen to Glam (redesign).



Realtors and home sellers agree that when you bring in a professional home stager to stage your home... increases the value of your property as much as 20%. Why leave money on the table?


I work with you to create a detailed Staging Report during your Consultation.  We will use what you have by showcasing the positives and creating emotional connection points for potential buyers.


DIY or Do it For Me! Parnasssian will help take the stress and hard work out of preparing your home for sale. We can do it for you!  We can also give you tips for organization you can live with!


Occupied Staging and Design...

Best for the Do-It-Yourselfer

I offer a fun and intensive two-hour consultation, where together we will use a detailed Staging Report and Checklist to list everything that needs to be done to get your home the quickest offer at best price possible.

  • I begin with an easy phone interview so that we can research your home's buyer demographic and prepare for your Consult

  • Providing a photo-filled, thorough staging checklist we walk through your home and discuss ideal, BIG return-on-investment, staging strategies that are developed to create an emotional impact on your buyers

  • The comprehensive report also includes my essential "Open House Checklist" and "Closet Organization Checklist"

(Up to two hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a $100 hourly rate)


Prepping your home can be stressful and time consuming.  After your initial consult, you may be a little over whelmed.   I am here for you.

Based on the comprehensive Staging Report recommendations, our 4 hour Transformation service is about rolling up our sleeves and physically staging the main areas of the home.  Your home will become a beautiful, photo ready property that buyers will want to see in person.

  • Together, we will transformation your home utilizing what you already have to optimize each space

  • I will bring beautiful staging accessories in order to provide you with a visual shopping list and get high-impact photos

  • You and I will work for up to 4 hours in specific areas of your home, as well as photograph the transformation as we go

*Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(Up to four hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a $100 hourly rate)


Do you have a larger home (over 2000 square feet) that could use more than a few hours of work?  No problem!

  • Together, we will make tremendous transformations utilizing what you already have to optimize each space

  • I will bring in beautiful staging accessories in order to provide you with a visual shopping list and get high-impact photos

  • You and I will work for up to 7 hours in your home, as well as photograph the transformation as we go

*Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(Up to seven hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a $100 hourly rate)


Homes that are empty have special requirements when it comes to staging and here is where we shine!  We provide options that other staging companies do not...

  • Starting with a home assessment, we deliver a proposal that provides a Good, Better, Best option to fit every budget

  • We use top quality furnishings in order to achieve that model home look that guarantees a buyer will "fall in love"

    *Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
    (A $100 initial home assessment fee is credited back to your total vacant service when you choose me)


Color and accessories have a great impact on the feel of a home. Fortunately, for you we are EXPERT SHOPPERS!  We will save you tons of time and money because we know WHERE and WHAT to shop for, as well as get discount prices at great places! 

Strategic Partnership

What keeps you up at night?  Trying to figure out where your next client is coming from?   How are you going to get your next showing, your next referral?  


You're in this business for your clients, but you are in it to make a living. 

It only makes sense to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible.  Your livelihood depends on it.  Become the agent with the reputation for helping clients "cash in" on their homes. We both know that this is critical to long term success as an agent.  It is what gets you the referrals and repeat business. Let me be your catalyst.

90% or more buyers search online first. It is essential that the photos are of a professionally staged property.

90% or more buyers search online first.
It is essential that the photos are of a professionally staged property.

Partner with me, an HSR Certified Professional and Reap the Benefits.

It's easy to strengthen your listing by bringing in a professional stager to do occupied home consultations and reports.  Our focus is on making you look great.

  • I Listen to You! Together, we focus on how we can benefit you and your business and also help you attract more listings by making you look extraordinary.

  • Partner Pricing! I offer discount pricing for those agents who have multiple listings.

  • Certified and Accredited! Credibility matters to your sellers, so they know when I make a recommendation it's in their best personal and financial interest.

  • Beautiful, Photo-Filled Reports! I offer top-notch client action plans, so you look professional and there's no mistaking what needs to be done to the home.

  • Education! I am aware that not all home owners "get it". I provide easy to follow, materials and statistics you can use to educate them on our staging process.



Investment yields returns. How and where you invest? That is the true question.

Professional staging is a comparatively new industry, owners have been "fixing up" their homes to sell for generations.  Small repairs are a great start, but that's no longer enough. Recently, HGTV has created an "expectation" home buyers want to imagine themselves living a certain lifestyle. They are willing to offer more for a home that is styled, accessorized and presented as "model home".

If you could list your property for 10% more, how much would that be?
HSR Certified Stagers earn you an average 10% more

  • What is professional staging?
    Home Staging is the preparation of a home to sell by a professional who specializes in this form of design and has been certified and trained on the art of home staging.  Many definitions you have seen no doubt stop after the word “sell” and that is part of the big misconception and devaluation of home staging. A professional home stager has the resources and can objectively view the home as a product and highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws. The home seller cannot view their home objectively, while many successful Realtors do not have the time or trade resources to properly stage a home.

  • The housing market is good, so why do I need to stage?
    Even if your house sells quickly in a good market, it doesn’t mean it sold for the amount it would have sold for had it been professionally staged. Remember, HSR Certified professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average for10%+ more in a good market.

  • Why can't I just stage my own home?
    Home sellers are usually incapable of successfully staging their own home. Why? Because our homes are like our children, we don’t always see all of its flaws. We’ve gotten used to the way it looks and in fact it is difficult emotionally to change it. If you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and package it effectively. Not to mention most home sellers don't "stage" homes everyday for a living. That’s what HSR Certified professionals are for and that is where the greatest returns come in.

  • Can't home buyers use their imagination and look past my decor or empty rooms?
    Only a mere 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home and most of these folks are "investors" or "flippers" who will hammer you on price.  In our Consultation walk through, I will identify those "price eroding" factors of your home, so that you can do the simple fixes that maximize returns.  

This is also why having a vacant home professionally staged is so important. Buyers cannot visualize size and scale so furniture helps to give them a frame of reference.


“Parnassian Design and Staging was very helpful in calming my wife's stress level with ideas, suggestions and steps necessary to handle a complete home remodel. Thank you so much!”

-Albert M., Aug 30, 2019“

“As a professional Realtor, I work with many different design and staging professionals. Nicole was impressive from the very beginning. She was adaptive to accommodate the client's tight timeline, spoke to the client in a smart, informative, and kind way, was extremely efficient with her time, and has excellent and timely communication skills. I will be using her again as soon as I can.”

-Bin J .

“Parnassian Design and Staging/Nicole, has been the best at staging my home. She did a beautiful job, mostly with things that I had. My house looked so nice that I regraded not having her sooner while I was living there.
Since the consultation day to the day of staging, she was very professional and so caring for her clients. She knew how much stress is to plan for a move, and she was constantly checking on me, making sure I was ok, and reminding me that she was going to make the house look gorgeous, so I wouldn't worry about it. She also kept remind me what to keep and make what not to pack for the staging process, so I wouldn't forget.
The staging day, she arrived on time, she brought her own accessories to match and complement my existing ones, and ready to work with so much energy that make me feel confident it was going to be good. After a few hours my house was converted, from a mess of boxes and furniture everywhere, to a beautiful and inviting home. She put her magic touch in every room and every floor of the house, even the smallest detail needed to make sure all was beautiful, to catch everyone attention. Was so worth having her services. Thanks Nicole!
I recommend her 100%.”

-Nytzia L.

I have co-partner with Parnassian Design and Staging on a Staging project that turned out beautifully and sold quickly. Nicole has a strong keen for design making her environments warm, inviting and beautiful. Nicole's work ethics are invaluable, arriving early and staying late, and carefully working with precision to make sure the staging project was to perfection. I will definitely work with Parnassian Design and Staging in the future.”

-Deborah P.

“Nicole has a great eye for design and staging and can sympathize with the anxiety of listing a home. Her company also has a tremendous customer service aspect to it. I would absolutely feel confident recommending her to stage and help market my home for sale!”

-Shelly B.

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