Investment yields returns. How and where you invest? That is the true question.

Professional staging is a comparatively new industry, owners have been "fixing up" their homes to sell for generations.  Small repairs are a great start, but that's no longer enough. Recently, HGTV has created an "expectation" home buyers want to imagine themselves living a certain lifestyle. They are willing to offer more for a home that is styled, accessorized and presented as "model home".

If you could list your property for 10% more, how much would that be?
HSR Certified Stagers earn you an average 10% more

  • What is professional staging?
    Home Staging is the preparation of a home to sell by a professional who specializes in this form of design and has been certified and trained on the art of home staging.  Many definitions you have seen no doubt stop after the word “sell” and that is part of the big misconception and devaluation of home staging. A professional home stager has the resources and can objectively view the home as a product and highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws. The home seller cannot view their home objectively, while many successful Realtors do not have the time or trade resources to properly stage a home.

  • The housing market is good, so why do I need to stage?
    Even if your house sells quickly in a good market, it doesn’t mean it sold for the amount it would have sold for had it been professionally staged. Remember, HSR Certified professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average for10%+ more in a good market.

  • Why can't I just stage my own home?
    Home sellers are usually incapable of successfully staging their own home. Why? Because our homes are like our children, we don’t always see all of its flaws. We’ve gotten used to the way it looks and in fact it is difficult emotionally to change it. If you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and package it effectively. Not to mention most home sellers don't "stage" homes everyday for a living. That’s what HSR Certified professionals are for and that is where the greatest returns come in.

  • Can't home buyers use their imagination and look past my decor or empty rooms?
    Only a mere 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home and most of these folks are "investors" or "flippers" who will hammer you on price.  In our Consultation walk through, I will identify those "price eroding" factors of your home, so that you can do the simple fixes that maximize returns.  

This is also why having a vacant home professionally staged is so important. Buyers cannot visualize size and scale so furniture helps to give them a frame of reference.