Halloween is my Jam!

Autumn is here! Crisp leaves and brisk mornings. Plaid scarves and pumpkin spice… can you feel it? Yea, no me neither. It’s still hot and sticky but we can dream about it right? Maybe light the gas fireplace and turn the AC down.

As much as I hate the idea that Halloween is on the shelves before school begins, I secretly do the happy dance in my head. Hands down, it’s my favorite holiday followed closely by Christmas. I count the days until I can start changing my summer decor into fall.  My entry needs oranges and reds, where currently there is wispy lime greens and bright yellow.


If you have children it takes on a whole new meaning.

One year, my nine-year-old son wanted to be Luke Skywalker. His sister was a toddler at the time, so she waddled more than she walked… like Yoda, right? I was this close to buying that costume. My mother forbade me from doing what I thought was hysterically brilliant. Mom always wins and I gave in. She was Princess Leia. To this day I regret changing my mind. I still giggle at the thought!

More than decorating for Halloween I love shopping for Halloween. Any given store will have aisles and aisles of gory treasures; skulls wearing tiaras, pillows with fun sayings, pumpkins and guards, black lace and blood drippy candles.  Heaven for me! Seriously, my attic is bursting at the seams with orange and black Rubbermaid containers!  I’m a little of an organizational freak so my storage is color coded. My hubby appreciates that considering he's the one that’s huffs massive amounts of decor up and down the steps every-single-holiday.  

So cheers to my fellow Holloweeners, enjoy that pumpkin spice cold brew with your flip flips on, it’s all relative anyway!